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The number of estimated deaths in Africa by 2030 due to chronic disease conditions (CDCs), exceeding deaths caused by communicable, maternal, perinatal and nutritional diseases combined...

Early detection, treatment and management of CDCs can save lives.


People in Africa at risk or affected by chronic disease conditions largely caused by  rapid urbanisation, changing diets, little or no physical exercise, tobacco use, unhealthy lifestyle and harmful use of alcohol...


The amount of money Africans spend on specialist treatment abroad, annually. The major problem? No Easy way exists to contact hospitals, find information or book appointments with specialist doctors across the continent.


A few years ago, our founder's mother was diagnosed with a tumor. This was at one of the government hospitals in Zambia. Doctors arranged surgery, but the family wanted a second opinion. With no easy way to find information or contact specialists, the process was complicated and expensive both in terms of time and money.


Unfortunately, this situation is not unique, millions of families in Africa are faced with the same exact problem, everyday. That's why Manje Health was born.


Manje Health is a search and discovery platform for chronic disease treatment in Africa. With over 100K hospitals mapped, we enable you to connect with the right specialists, helping you make informed decisions in a quicker and cheaper way. 


It used to take weeks to find information and connect with the right specialists, NOW, it takes minutes.

Manje is a widely used Bantu word which means NOW. We are on a journey of simplifying healthcare for a billion people, and building Africa's foremost online market place for chronic disease treatment.



Find cancer diagnostic services, treatment information, and compare prices across hospitals in just a few minutes.

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