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AMSA Renal Care

AMSA Renal Care, Seychelles Hospital, Mont Flueri, Seychelles



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Since 2013, the core belief of AMSA has been Better Health through personalised care that makes a significant difference to the lives of all those we touch. As one of the fastest-growing Dialysis and Renal Care providers across the Middle East and Africa, we provide end-to-end renal facilities that restores confidence for more than a thousand patients and their loved ones.

Our journey in delivering the best in Renal Care has taken us to the UAE, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Turkey. And we are still growing to ensure that more patients receive the AMSA touch – one that improves health outcomes for all.

In the Seychelles, we have two clinics: Mahe Dialysis Centre and Praslin Dialysis Centre.

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Kidney Disease
Kidney Stones
Prevention and Early Detention Program
Hypertensive Nephropathy
Acute Kidney Injury
Chronic Kidney
Dialysis Unit
Kidney Transplant
Onco Nephrology
Hereditary Kidney
Vascular Access

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AMSA Renal Care, Seychelles Hospital, Mont Flueri, Seychelles