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Radiotherapy Oncology Center

Rue 29, No 10 Ouled Yaich - Blida



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Radiotherapy Oncology Center has the objective to provide the care necessary for the recovery of each patient. Our main goal is to cure cancer in every patient and to make cancer a chronic disease with which our patients can live and lead relatively normal lives.

Our centre is committed to guaranteeing:
-The quality of care
-The confidentiality of your data
-The speed of treatment

Brachytherapy For Prostate Cancer
Prostate brachytherapy has become one of the best treatment options for prostate cancer.
Excellent results were observed in more than 95% of the patients selected at an early stage of the disease.

Brachytherapy of the prostate does not present the risks of traditional surgery and has the advantage of being a short treatment.
Brachytherapy of the prostate does not cause side effects.

Quality Treatment
At the service of your health and well-being, we meet the highest standards of reliability and quality by capitalizing on vast professional skills. The multidisciplinary nature of the oncology radiotherapy center makes it possible to provide cancer patients with a comprehensive range of care. Namely, both medical and surgical care thanks to the different care units: Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Brachytherapy, ARI therapy, Contact therapy and Surgery…

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Rue 29, No 10 Ouled Yaich - Blida