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Sudan Heart Institute

Arkweit, Africa road, Khartoum, Sudan



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SHI is the only institute in Sudan which is fully dedicated to cardiovascular disease. From the time of its inception in the year 2000 and until now, SHI has strived to provide state of the art patient care and treatment. In addition to training of doctors, nurses, technologists, SHI encompasses Sudan Heart Center which provides medical and surgical care to heart patients from all over the country.

SHI research department provides research opportunities to all members of the medical profession in addition to offering academic degrees e.g Ms, PhD and diplomas. SHI outreach programs extend our services to other towns and village in Sudan providing patient education and cardiac medical care.

To that extent thanks must go to all of its medical nursing, administrative and auxiliary staff.
Thank you for your interest in Sudan Heart Institute.

Emergency Services
24 Hours services. Patients are received at the ER department and immediate care is provided by cardiology specialists (Fellow) residents and highly trained ER sisters and nurses.

Sudan Heart Institute (SHI) has two critical care units . For ER critically ill patient is admitted by Fast Track to CCU or ICU if surgery is urgently needed. In all acute cases, patients receives treatment at standard door-to-treatment time, whether the treatment is thrombolytic therapy, direct PCI, or CABG.

Catheter Lab
Is always ready to handle acute cases, and deals with elective precaution interventions devices like :
- Angioplasty.
Highly competent consultants, fellows, resident, technologists and sisters , offer their immediate services at the Catheter Lab.

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Arkweit, Africa road, Khartoum, Sudan