Cleopatra Hospitals Group

39 Cleopatra St, Salah Eldin Square, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt



 Hospital Description

Established in 2014 and listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 2016, Cleopatra Hospitals Group (CHG) is Egypt’s largest private hospital group by number of hospital beds and number of operating hospitals.

Cleopatra Hospitals Group currently operates six of the nation’s leading hospitals alongside two newly inaugurated polyclinics.

Today, CHG’s hospitals enjoy a track record of success that exceeds 30 years and includes brand names such as Cleopatra Hospital, Cairo Specialised Hospital, Nile Badrawi Hospital, and Al Shorouk Hospital, along with the two latest additions of El Katib Hospital and Queens Hospital.

At all of CHG’s state-of-the-art facilities, CHG has established various Centres of Excellence (CoEs) which offer our patients the most up-to-date and highest quality care across a wide-ranging spectrum of specialties including cardiology, radiology, orthopaedic, urology, and multiple others.

At CHG, patients have access to the finest quality of healthcare in Egypt, which highly trained and experienced medical staff delivers with the help of the latest medical technology has to offer.

Specialist Clinics

Internal medicine and Gastroenterology
Cardiology - Pulmonary medicine
Pediatrics- Heapatology
Pediatrics Surgery
Dermatology & Anthology
Vascular Surgery
ENT (Otolaryngology)
Diabetes and Endocrinology
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Pediatrics Cardiology
Pediatrics Neuropsychiatry
Orthopedic Surgery
Cardiothoracic surgery