Clinique Les Genêts

05 BP 6047 Ouagadougou 05


Burkina Faso

 Hospital Description

The primary concern of the Les Genêts clinic is, without a doubt, to provide you with quality care within your reach, in a clean, healthy and professional environment. It is in this perspective that we provide you with general information on the conduct to be adopted within your clinic.

We have three (03) operating theaters and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to carry out surgical explorations with maximum safety. Indeed, the design of our blocks meets the standards recommended by the European Union for its member states.

From general surgery to specialised surgery, we have an answer adapted to your expectations. Each unit is headed by an experienced surgeon. We make resuscitation an essential part of the quality fabric of our structure. Our equipment allows medical transport to specialised structures in the West.

Specialist Clinics

Outpatient surgery is for cases that do not require hospitalization:
collected bartholinitis discharge
diagnostic hysteroscopy
simple breast nodules

Conventional or laparoscopic surgery:
gynecological surgery (fibroma, ovarian cyst, breast, etc.
obstetric surgery (cesarean delivery)
pediatric surgery (appendicitis, tumor, intestine, etc.)
general surgery regardless of sex (appendicitis, hernia, hydrocele, etc.)
visceral surgery (intestine, pancreas, prolapse, etc.)
trauma surgery
orthopedic surgery
thoracic surgery