Dar Al Fouad Hospital

26 July Street, The Touristic Zone, 6th of October City, Giza 12568 Egypt



 Hospital Description

We strive to be recognised as one of the leading quality and safest health care providers in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. Dar Al Fouad Hospital (DAFH) has the support of top medical experts and management teams from renown national and international medical organisations. We enjoy close collaboration with Cleveland Clinic and Hartmann Institute among others. Our state of the art facility focuses on patient care and comfort with ongoing investment in latest medical technologies and processes.

The hospital is recognised for its cardiothoracic, cardiology, vascular surgery and endovascular therapy, oncology, organ transplant, and orthopedics departments, among others.

Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary & Liver Transplant
One of the most exciting advances in modern medicine is organ transplantation. We have a specialised unit for living donor liver transplantation. Our program was established in conjunction with Professor Tanaka from Kyoto University in Japan. He is the worldwide authority on the subject.

The first Africa/Middle-East transplant operation was performed in August, 2001. Since then, our hospital has seen almost 200 cases. The doctors who trained with Professor Tanaka now operate alone without any foreign doctors in attendance.

Some raise the ethical question of donating organs. We understand your concerns so a non-biased committee evaluated the issue. They determined that donation is allowable as long as there is no monetary compensation to the donor.

Currently, there are on average two surgeries every week done by our Egyptian team of doctors. The patient stays in the ICU for five days and then in a regular hospital room for the next two weeks. After the patient is discharged, a weekly follow-up is recommended.

Specialist Clinics

Clinical Cardiology
Cardiac Electrophysiology
Nephrology - Kidney Dialysis
Rheumatology and Rehabilitation
Aortic Surgery
Thoracic Surgery
Obesity Surgery
Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary & Liver Transplant