Francistown Academic Hospital

Portion 3, Farm NQ85 Along A1 Road, Near Francistown Tati, North East District



 Hospital Description

Francistown Academic Hospital is a proposed acute care private hospital located in Greater Francistown on the A1 Freeway. FAH is poised to provide a range of cost- effective specialist medical and surgical services to the community.

These multi-speciality services would be supported by modern infrastructure, proposed ICUs, Laminar Flow Theatres, 24X7 Casualty & Trauma Unit, Radiology, Pathology, and other essential clinical support services.

Specialist Clinics

Minimal Invasive, Interventional Radiology
Internal medicine
General & Laparoscopic Surgery
Bone/Joint diseases, Maternal care
Child birth and New-born care
Paediatric care

Upcoming Services
Additional specialist services and proposed to be phased in and would include:
Brain & Spine Sciences
Advanced Bone and Joint care
Cancer care
Heart and Blood vessels sciences
Colorectal and Intestinal care
Vascular Surgeries
Advanced Pediatrics
Laser & Cosmetic Surgeries
Sleep Medicine etc.