La Clinique de La Madeleine

18 Av des Jambaars BP 3500 Dakar, Senegal



 Hospital Description

Here we try daily to provide proof that local support goes hand in hand with quality, thanks in particular to high-performance and modern technical platforms, and committed and voluntary medical and paramedical teams. With the implementation of new strategic projects over the next 3 years, my ambition is for La Clinique de La Madeleine to remain an important player in the medical community in DAKAR. These projects will allow us to offer a global and complete concept in the care of our patients, within future cutting-edge structures.

Thanks to recognised practitioners and its dedicated and competent collaborators, La Clinique de La Madeleine is positioning itself now and for the future as an ambitious, innovative and essential establishment in Senegal and throughout West Africa.

Specialist Clinics

Gynaecology and Obstetrician
General Medicine
Pediatrics and Neo-natology
Plastic and Restorative Surgery
General and Digestive Surgery
Anesthesiology and Resuscitation