Shaafi Hospital

Hodon district road, Mogadishu, Somalia



 Hospital Description

Established by leading Somali physicians and healthcare professionals, Shaafi Hospital is one of the leading hospital in Somalia people go to for medical care. Shaafi Hospital is private modern health facility located at the Hodon District Road between Diger and Benadir Hospital, just behind Istanbul restaurant in Mogadishuin Benadir Region.

The Shaafi Hospital was set up by group Somali Medical Doctors with name of Doctors Health Care Union (DHU) led by Dr Ahmed OmarAbdiwho saw the need to bridge the gap between high cost Hospitals and the lower health care services.

The current Director of the Shaafi Hospital is DrTahlilAbdiAfrah, other members include Dr Prof Shafici Aden Dirir Head Surgical Department, Dr Ahmed Ali Mohamed Head Medical Department and DrsNasra Ahmed Sudi Head Obs/Gyne department.

This Group of Somali Medical Doctors thus came up with this facility, which gives patients first class and quality care at affordable cost rates.

Specialist Clinics

Surgical Department