Sweden Ghana Medical (Cancer) Centre

East Legon Hills, Katamanso near Nmai Djorn, East Legon, Accra, Ghana



 Hospital Description

As our name suggests, Sweden Ghana Medical Centre has strong ties to Sweden. We are a flagship centre in Africa to showcase the development of cancer treatment clinics with Swedish investment, expertise and support. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre is primarily owned and operated by Global Medical Investments (GMI-AB), which was founded in 2009 with the express purpose of establishing and operating cancer centres in developing countries. GMI-AB is an investment and project development company for Sweden’s development finance institution, Swedfund, partnered with Elekta, a leading innovator of equipment and software used to improve, prolong and save the lives of people with cancer and brain disorders.

At SGMC, our vision is to offer the best private cancer care in West Africa.
We promise that in everything we do, we will always strive to take away the burden of cancer.

Our mission is to be a role model across Africa for cancer care.
We are known for our excellent standards, high quality services and the personal care we provide. Health experts and interns from around the world often visit our centre in Accra. Our rotation programs help them to learn more about private cancer care in Africa. We are leaders in our field with, skilled staff who are driven to deliver best cancer treatment outcomes for all our patients.

We value patient privacy and comfort.
At Sweden Ghana Medical Centre, we use secure hospital information systems to manage patient records. By this, we ensure the privacy of patients receiving care at our centre. We also maintain flexible treatment schedules for patients who need to manage time away from work or home.

We are known for our compassionate care.
Our high-care connection with each patient starts from the very first contact. It extends beyond our facilities and across Ghana’s borders. In addition, we have built strong partnerships over a wide regional medical network. Therefore, we are able to give our patients an all-inclusive cancer care experience within West Africa.

We contribute to global cancer research and education.
SGMC contributes to cancer research and education because, we are regional leaders in oncology. We have a hospital-based cancer register and support population-based cancer registry activities across West Africa. Our expert staff also give presentations in various international forums, and publish in several medical journals. Ultimately, we are creating best practices that will help transform private oncology treatment in West Africa.

Specialist Clinics

Cancer Diagnostic Imaging
Diagnosis and Detection
Treatment: Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Brachytherapy
24/7 Case Management and Support
Oncology Medication