The Mediterranean Clinic

La Clinique Méditerranéenne 37 Avenue de l'UMA, Tunis, Tunisia



 Hospital Description

The Mediterranean Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic with a hospital capacity of 120 beds, designed to be a complete health structure in terms of specialties, service and technology. The clinic will offer a multitude of services in various surgical, obstetrical, medical, intensive care and exploration specialties at reasonable and local costs. Our clinic is the last born of private clinics in Tunisia, it is specialised in surgery and care and is resolutely turned towards medical excellence; this is why we have designed a complete health structure in terms of specialties, services and technologies

Our values
- The Mediterranean clinic welcomes each person without discrimination. Respect for the patient, human warmth and listening are an integral part of the medical act. Our nursing staff put themselves at the service of the patient every day in a climate conducive to mutual recognition and esteem.

- Ethics is at the heart of our business. All decisions concerning patients are made in accordance with the principles of integrity, transparency, ethics and patient choices. We ensure transparent personnel management and recognize the skills of each person by communicating openly in a climate of trust.

- Excellence in patient care is achieved through the professionalism and team spirit demonstrated by all of our nursing staff. It is imperative that our staff are responsible in all circumstances and in each of their functions. We have developed a collaborative spirit that promotes the sharing of experience and makes it possible to constitute, for each problem to be dealt with, an appropriate reactive and efficient team.

Specialist Clinics

Spine Surgery
Gynaecology and Obstetrics