The Reefak El Feth Clinic

Equipment area A lot n ° 08 Ouled Fayet - Algiers



 Hospital Description

Created in 1976, The Reefak El Feth clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic, located in a residential area of ​​Algiers, provides patients with a pleasant living environment. The medical and paramedical team will make every effort to provide you with quality individualised care and to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Since its creation on November 01, 1976, the Reefak El Feth Clinic was first established in El Anasser city with 13 beds and is committed to the quality of services offered to its patients in Gynecology.
As a sign of continuous improvement efforts, the Reefak El Feth Clinic inaugurated its new premises in Ouled Fayet on 06/08/2010 with a capacity of 30 beds and several new services. The Reefak El Feth Clinic is considered a pioneer in Algeria in Obstetric Gynecology, Pediatrics, Neonatology, General Surgery, Radiology, Neurosurgery and Gastroenterology.

The medical imaging service of the Reefak El Feth Clinic is managed by radiologists, renowned former academics, supported by a team of efficient collaborators. The clinic has a medical analysis laboratory that performs the vast majority of the usual and specialised biological examinations necessary for the diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic monitoring of patients at the Reefak El Feth Clinic. Its activities cover several areas: general biochemistry, hormonal biochemistry, cellular hematology, hemostasis, immunology and microbiology.

The functioning of the laboratory (24 hours a day) offers an optimised emergency circuit and allows a rapid response to the clinicians. The laboratory is working to put in place a quality policy which meets the legal requirements of the “Guide to Good Execution of Analyses” and which aims for accreditation for a future next step taking into account all the pre-analytical, analytical and post phases. analytical.

Specialist Clinics

Specialists in Neonatology
Childcare workers
Breeding and resuscitation incubators
Conventional and intensive phototherapy

Gastro consultation
Pathology consultation

Brain tumor
Cerebral hemorrhage
Aneurysm rupture
Craniocerebral trauma
Lumbar or cervical herniated disc

A standard radiology unit.
Two high-end ultrasound machines dedicated for abdomino-pelvic ultrasound, soft tissue ultrasound, obstetric ultrasound with a 3D probe, ultrasound dopplers and interventional radiology gesture guidance.
A senology unit equipped with a high-end ultrasound machine, a digital mammography machine.
A Scanner Unit with a 16-strip device.