Universal Hospital Sudan

Bahri - Kober East Alwaha 34/5/jd, Khartoum - Sudan



 Hospital Description

UHS is being conceptualised as the finest Tertiary Medical Centre in Sudan to be promoted as a national referral hub. The medical services in Sudan have many inadequacies that complicate the process of diagnosing and treating the patients. Universal hospital Sudan aims to facilitate all the inadequacies so as to be considered as the first integrated medical centre in Sudan providing optimum medical care with high standard medical services.

This will be reflected on decreasing the number of patients who seek management abroad, elevating the medical standards in Africa thereby welcoming patients from neighbouring countries who require over adequate levels of care and providing a competent working environment for renowned doctors to implement satisfactory care in a comfortable environment.

Universal Hospital is built and designed according to the JCI standards and the Sudanese Ministry of Health regulations, in cooperation with Universal International Hospitals Group; who have a very competent management and administrative advisers specialised in hospital planning and administration.

Specialist Clinics

Nuclear Medicine
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Emergency and ICU Unit
Eye Clinic